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Chartiers Hill United Presbyterian Church

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What about Communion?
We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month, plus other special times of the year. We believe that the Lord's Table is open to all and you are invited to share with us. We pass bread and the cup to each individual, but we partake of them as one body.  We do still make the pre-packaged elements available for those who prefer them. Just pick one up in the narthex on your way into the sanctuary.


Fast Facts to Get You Started...

What you should wear

Wear what makes you comfortable. At Hill you will see everything from shorts to suits and ties. And nobody cares!

Where to park

Anywhere in the paved area in front of the sanctuary and Christian education building. There are handicapped spaces in the semi-circle next to the sanctuary.

When you arrive

You will be greeted by someone just inside those white double doors. They'll say hello and give you a bulletin. The bulletin will let you know what we're doing during the service, and some other announcements. Go on into the sanctuary and have a seat - anywhere.


and elevators

These are on your left as you enter the church.

The offering

Yes, we "pass the hat" so to speak, each Sunday. This is how most of our members contribute financially to the mission and ministry of Hill Church. You are not expected to give anything as a visitor. We are happy that you've come to join us. And we'll take responsibility for keeping the lights on!

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