The Session or Board of Elders is a group of nine elders, elected by the congregation, who serve a three-year term. They are the spiritual leadership of the Presbyterian churches. Our current elders are:


     Jamie Bails                             Jeff Messerly                        Phyllis Sams

    Kandi Norvell                       Tom Sokol                             Jack Snodgrass, Clerk

    Nancy Magera                      Rodger Rainey                     Dick Holsen                 

The Board of Deacons are nine individual elected by the congregation to serve for a three-year term. They are the "caring" ministry of the church, offering visitation to special church friends who are no longer able to worship with us. They frequently provide food for events and most importantly, help for those in need. Our current deacons are:

     Reggie Hritz                         Audrey Ligato                        Dan Ligato

     Nancy Pryor                         Nancy Hofrecter                   Ann Puchany

     Elaine Sokol                         Susan Barkhoff                      Linda Neill, Moderator    

The Board of Trustees wear many hats. They are nine congregationally elected individuals who are responsible for the physical plant, grounds, and finances of the church. Our current trustees are:

     Lafe Decker                          Sean Beckwith                           Kenny Polk

     Mary Lee Neill, Pres.         RoseAnne Messerly                 Ethan Sokol

     Lori Jorash                            Dick Neill, Vice-Pres.              Gary Woodruff